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Welcome to my home page, I hope that you will enjoy your stay. My name is Eternal CRoW, I will be providing links to some of my favorite sitez that are full of interesting things. There will be links to reviews of The Crow movies that I hope you will enjoy, and also links to some nice crow pics.

- The Crow star, Brandon Lee, died as a result of a gun shot wound on the set of the movie. May his soul rest in peace.

These are Some Crow Links. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I.

"James O'Barr's comic creation, The Crow, was, in his words, 'more influenced by music than by any other comics.' Music was the fuel that sustained O'Barr as he worked through the pain of his fiancee's tragic death, constructing the epic graphic novel off and on over the course of nearly a decade."

Exert from The Crow: City of Angels Soundtrack

Ashe and Sarah

Influence? We have all been influenced by things in our life. These things can be bad and they can be good, but it is up to us how we are influenced be these things. It is hard but we as people must try and use everything to our advantage, if that is possible. What influences us the most? It is different things for different people. For me, my biggest influence in my teen years would be my fathers death.

It always comes back to death doesn't it?

Now that I am almost 20, the biggest single influence on my life is the person I love. I would do anything the one I love would ask of me. As would anyone, if it were their love. She keeps me going and I owe everything. She is there when I wake up and she is there when I fall asleep. I know she is there for me as I try to be there for her. We are good friends. Thats the way of love I guess.

Well, I am 20 now and my life was destroyed June 11, 1997. My love is gone and I am nothing yet again. Her death destroy all my faith in my hope for something better in this life. I was only CRoW before but now I am Eternal CRoW. Eternal how? I feel eternally alone, but still eternally in love. Yet I know the reality of the situation and that makes it all eternally painful. I made a promise to her tho. I promised to eventually find another that would love me and that I would love. That showed the full extent of her love, love eternal. My Silver Angel I do love thee and I wish so many things.... ... I wish I could say all I that I feel to you now.....

My Silver Angel, I love you always and forever. ----'---{@

I have thought long and hard about the things that I want to put in here, what I say, I mean. I have hurt myself a lot thinking about all that has happened in my life. I still love a lot of things in life although it is not a fair place to exist in. I have come to the personal realization that I do have hope, I still want to have love. Love is important to me and being alone without it makes you realize how important all those little things are. Brandon was right when he said you never know how many full moons you will see in your life time, or how many sun rises.

My only comfort was my dark place. I could be myself and express what I am, what I feel freely. My dark place is my soul and from my soul I have written prose and poetry on various topics, mostly on how I feel but most of those are my thoughts of love. I will eventually include some of my writings here for your enjoyment or critical judgement.

Now my comfort comes from her.

January 04, 2001

I do not know what to say now. Things have changed and my love is changed. Betrayed by my last love, and discovering anew.

February 01, 2004

My last love, the one aformentioned, hath betrayed my trusting heart. I have still retained that heart after she was involved with her ex and others. People have confirmed my own suspicions based upon the facts I had at hand, several months after the fact. That was a bigger hurt than death, betrayel of trust. It is like an icy pick through my heart, my love and my life. Hell's heart hath stab at me, and struck.

That is a closing statement to that relationship, she may have been the one after her death. I may include that story later on, depends on my mood and peoples responses.

Time has gone by, new life and new love have been fortified. I am still discovering anew. She has remained despite all. Someone who is my equal, and we reign in noctum, joined by the old ways.

The Church

"Vengeance never sleeps. Love never dies."

The Crow is Copyright James O'Barr, Crowvision

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