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Teddy Harvia

[Teddy Harvia lives here.]

Teddy Harvia has been nominated for the 1998 Fan Artist Hugo Award for work published in 1997. This page is meant to showcase some of that work.

Teddy has been nominated for Best Fan Artist every year since 1988 (he declined the nomination in 1997 in order to be the presenter at LoneStarCon 2). He won in 1991 at Chicon IV and again in 1995 at Intersection.

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The Alamo (33k)

LoneStarCon 2 Progress Report #1

Chat, the 4th Fannish Ghod (42k)

Mimosa, ed. Dick & Nicki Lynch

The Wizard (6k)

The Reluctant Famulus, ed. Tom Sadler

Enid the Echidna

Ethel the Aardvark, ed. Paul Ewins

The Goddess Opuntia (10k)

Opuntia, ed. Dale Speirs

The Atmosphere of Venus (14k)

The Proper Boskonian, ed. Ken Knabbe

Through Time and Space with Forry Ackerman, Part 2

Mimosa, ed. Dick & Nicki Lynch

"The bad news is..."

Mimosa, ed. Dick & Nicki Lynch

This page has been set up for Teddy Harvia by the L.A.con III Fan Publicity Department. Teddy maintains the page himself.

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