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SCHOOL IS COOOOOOOOOOOOLLLL!!!!!!!! I rule cause I am in school!
Personal Interests- Well they are the same as last time and they ain't a changing! But IF YOU FORGOT HERE THEY ARE!
Bands I like and Stuff!
  • Dave Matthews Band- These Boys Rock My World!!!!! With Cajun Jazz and a little Down Home Jam, these boys can sure nuff Play!
  • Oasis- These Brits Have True Grit and the beatle act down to a T!
  • Pearl Jam- The Best Band in the WORLD! Buy their new Album on August 27th! NO CODE!!!!!!! GO SEE THEM !!!!!!!!!!
  • BareNaked Ladies- This is not a link to play boy by no means! This Canadian Band is the best live show in the world!
  • Sister Hazel- This is a awesome grassroots band from GAINESVILLE, (one of the few good things), FLORIDA. These guys are one of the best grass roots bands out there today. They are touring the college scene right now but maybe soon I will be complaining on how they have sold out!
  • Yams From Outer Space- You like the FUNK? Well these guys can groove out and make my ask "HOW MANY FREAKS?" are there in this world!
  • Floyd's Music Store- This is were I spend most of my free time seeing all the cool acts that come through Tallahassee! FREE BEEEEEEEEERRRRR is good, too bad I am under 21!