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Lables and Shops where you can get Irish music CD's

Irish Music radio programs and internet radio

Sources for Irish tunes in different formats

Irish Music Web Sites

Traveling to Ireland, pubs, hotels etc.

Irish Music in Israel

Labels and Shops where you can get Irish music CD's

Paul Graham imports some of the best Irish and folk CD's to Israel. Please email Paul for mail orders.

Compass Records - Gradually basing itself as one of the leading labels and record distributers in the USA, Compass offers a wide veriaty of Irish and British Isle music CD's, including Lunasa, Dervish, Paddy Keenan and others.

Shanachie Records - a label which lately has been expanding its Irish catalog. Shanachie's now have a newly designed web site. Recent favorite release of mine is the Mulcahy Family CD. There is also Solas new CD to look forward to. Release date is October 10.

Green Linnet Records - Under this label you'll find hundrads of Celtic CD's and cassettes of many Irish and Irish American musicians. In this site you can also find the artist's tour Schedules and there are great deals and sales for those who order through their secured server!!.

CD Universe - holds a large selection of Irish music CD's.

Elderly Instruments - holds a wide selection of Irish traditional music CD at low prices as well as vintage and new instruments.

Rockin' World - Chip Reynolds store has a selection of Irish music and Folk CD's

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Irish Music radio programs and internet radio

The Late Session - This excellent show on RTE's Radio 1, presented by Aine Hensey, features new releases,interviews with musicians, details of upcoming concerts and festivals and lots of great music. TUNE IN.

Ceili House - Kieran Hanrahan's popular radio show on RTE's Radio 1, brings us the best of live Irish music. Wherever the greatest traditional musicians and singers are to be found Kieran will be there too. The programmes to date have featured treasures from the musical archives as well as lots of current top musicians. Some Mighty Craic here - tune in!

Live Ireland - Live Irish trad and folk music in Live Ireland internet radio.

Spinner.Com - Continuous web broadcasts of 120+ different music tracks, including Celtic. Specialized player shows artist, title, and album names as each cut plays. Some setup required for the first-time user.

Sources for Irish tunes and songs in different formats

Henrik Norbeck's Abc Tunes - Henrick is a Swedish flute player and a diligent collector of tunes in ABC and GIF. His website is comprehensive and frequently updated. Recommended!

Irish - A searchable collection of Irish tunes in ABC and gif formats. - is a website which has a great archive of tunes in different formats (abc/gif), it has a searchable index of tunes and subscribers are welcome to add tunes to the archive.

Fiddler's Companion - One of the finest sources for traditional Irish music on the web.

JC's ABC tune finder - A tool for looking up titles in an online index of ABC tunes on the Web.

O'Neill's Music of Ireland - One of the most valuable Irish music projects I have come across on the internet - O'Neill's collections revised and translated into ABD and MIDI formats.

The Slowplayers session - is one of my favorite websites, being a proud member of the slowplayers Israeli group. The slowplayers session is a session that plays the tunes at roughly half speed or less. The goal of the session is to learn the tunes in a friendly and supportive environment with others who are at the same skill level. The Slowplayers website also includes an impressive list of tunes in different formats.

RichardRobinson's Tunebook - another online ABC and gif tunebook, searchable by country, type, key, time etc.

The Digital Tradition - Folk Songs Database

Irish Music Web Sites

CEOLAS - In my opinion - one of the best sources for learning all you want to know about Irish music.Unfortunately, it hasn't been updated for a while so many of the links are not valid.

Scoiltrad - For many Irish music players around the world it is a dream come true! "It is the first truly interactive online music school. Founded by well-known Irish Traditional musicians Conal Ó'Gráda (Flute), Eoin O'Riabhaigh (Uilleann Pipes) and Kevin Glackin (Fiddle), Scoiltrad provides music classes for all musical abilities, from beginner through advanced. Classes are in the form of multimedia modules with fully integrated Audio / Video, Text, Notation and Finger Charts. Once the student has taken a class, they can e-mail an MP3 file of their own playing to Scoiltrad where the tutor will respond with feedback and guidance."

About traveling to Ireland, pubs, hotels etc.

Mick Moloney's Irish Folklore Tours - If you are interested in Irish folklore and music - Believe you me :-) there is no better way to travel Ireland but the Folklore Tours. Its a once in a lifetime experience !
You can read the story of 2 of Mick Moloney's tours - in "Leprechauns, 007 and the white Disease" - The June 95' Folklore Tour story by Barbara Loney-Shoemaker, and Michael Wilsons' 96' Tour Story and Bill Compton's article about July 97' Tour to Western Ireland (including the Willie Clancy Week!).

Bord Failte - The well designed Irish National Tourist Board's web site will provide you with all the information you need and help you get around.

Go Ireland - Information by location or interest about almost everything: accomodations, car rental, flights, entertainment and more. There is a great link to's Ireland for vistors guide as well.

Weather Ireland - Don't forget to check the weather forecast before you leave and make sure you take your rain gear with you. I learned this the hard way, i.e. the wet way. :-)

A Virtual Irish Pub - Come in, have a pint and chat with the other visitors!

GUINNESS - (Need I say more...?)

Irish Music in Israel

Molly Bloom's - Beautifully designed website of the best Irish pub Irish pub in Israel. Live music every Monday & Wednesday at 21:00 and a weekly session on Friday at 15:30.

Leo Bloom's - Leo Bloom's is a newly opened Irish pub in Tel Aviv, a young brother to Molly Bloom's pub . Live music every Tuesday at 21:00 and a weekly session on Saturday at 14:30.

Roy Becker is an Israeli Uilleann Piper and whistle player.

You are welcome to join our Irish Music Forum (in Hebrew only). Here you can ask, answer and exchange information about Irish Music

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