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Hello, I'm Josh Horowitz, a UCLA graduate, two-time Sabre and Foil fencer, Star Wars enthusiast, British humourist, keyboardist, video gamer, film score affectionado, and golfer.

I currently work at NetZero as their primary technical writer, and I once wrote reviews and columns for the Adrenaline Vault, a gaming Web site.

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Yes, I graduated from UCLA. Find out more about this little school in Westwood, CA.
How many times have you asked yourself at the breakfast table: What is Mike Dukakis doing today?
Now you can find out!

(Your best source of Dukakis since 1996!)
Filled with unique pictures, sounds, and news from a galaxy far, far away. Get ready for Star Wars: Episode II!
What is Stunt Island? One of the greatest home-computer filmmaking softwares in existence! Here you can gain a plethora of knowledge about this great 1992 Disneysoft program, see the films I've created with it, and learn about SIFA, the Stunt Island Filmmaker's Association.
Discover what it's like to strap into white denim, push on a leather glove, wear a wire mesh mask and stab your opponent! Home of the Camp Ramah Fencing Page!

The ancient CGA Graphics!
The addictive Gameplay!
The Sopwith NT Networkable Version!
Stop reading this! Click the link!

My most popular page on one of my favorite films of all time - John Carpenter's Big Trouble in Little China! Filled with pictures, sound clips, the video game, the soundtrack, the script, and much, much more!

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