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Greetings to all those interested in genealogy!!! Thank you for stopping by our page. I have been working on my family history for about two years now and have made some progress. If you have any information or questions please feel free to email me. I have a fair amount of documentation and will be happy to share it with any of my fellow genealogists.

The following list is lengthy, I appologize in advance.

At the bottom of the page I have included a set of links to Deidrich George Meyer, his ancestors (as best as I know at this point) and his children. I will be adding to these pages as I get new information.


Descendants of Arend Haykes 1707 - 1787

If you are part of the Meyer clan and have any specific information or corrections, doen't hesitate to contact me. You probably have already heard about me. I need specific and detailed dates, locations, etc.. I am also looking for stories that may have been passed down through the different lines. Copies of photos and documents with captions are of special interest to me. I can include them in my genealogy program. I use Family Tree Maker v3.0 for Windows 3.11.
To all of you who have helped me so far in this project, I offer my sincerest thanks. Special thanks to:

  • Diedrich George Meyer Family Photograph
  • Family Pages

  • Luitjen Richerts Frey & Metje Berens 1713-1789
  • Gesche Luitjens Frey 1752-1820
  • Hinrichs Harms Eden 1750-1826
  • Meyel Heiken & Leke Willms 1743-1819
  • Meike Hinrichs Eden 1792-1832
  • Meiel Frikken Meyer 1798-1870
  • Martje Meyels Muller 1767-1846
  • Frikke Janssen Meyer 1764-1842
  • Arend Haykes 1707-1787 & Voske Richerts Freyen 1714-1796
  • Hinrich Harms Plenter dod 1793 & Antje Janssen
  • Richert Arens Frey 1741-1795
  • Antje Hinrichs Plenter 1759-1853
  • Catherina Margaretha Schmidt
  • Georg Hoppe
  • Swantje Richerts Frey 1795-1857
  • Diedrich Hoppe
  • Margaretha Hoppe 1835
  • Hinrich Meyer 1822 - 1863
  • Diedrich George Meyer 1858-1911
  • Hinrich (Henry) Meyer 1888-1927
  • Katrina (Kate) Meyer 1889-1973
  • Margaretha (Margaret or Maggie) Meyer 1891-1959
  • Franz (Frank) Meyer 1894-1965
  • Deidrick (Dick) Meyer 1896-1943
  • Schwantje (Susan) Meyer 1899-1973
  • Meilhart (Miles or Mike) Meyer 1902-1950
  • Meikka Anna (Anne) Meyer 1905-1987
  • Jantje (Jane) Meyer 1908-1991

  • Angelfire's home pages
  • Meyer Homepage at Geocities
  • Gary Jr.'s Homepage
  • Tamara's Homepage
  • Shane's Homepage
  • Our proof that God has a sense of humor...Steven's Homepage
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