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Welcome to the Hagen Renaker Online Museum. The purpose of this webpage is to share information about Hagen Renaker and their incredible line of figurines. Hopefully, these pages will make collecting Hagen Renaker easier for everyone. The HR books that have been published provide a wealth of written information and beautiful photographs, but they don't picture many variations, or show you how pieces change from Monrovia to San Dimas to San Marcos.

Here you can see 8 variations of the Siamese Cat Ah Choo, 4 with tail out and 4 with tail in, including the very rare Abyssinian and Blue Point Siamese. Many of the pieces pictured are rare with only a few examples known. Some pieces are unique. There are over 1,000 pictures showing more than 3,700 Hagen Renaker pieces. I'm always happy to answer questions. Hope you enjoy everything.

I believe pictures are the best way to learn about Hagen Renaker, but I have also included a brief history of Hagen Renaker. Click the link below.

Brief Hagen Renaker History

We have lots of Hagen Renaker pieces for sale in our Ebay store. Click the link below to visit this store. You can select current or retired pieces by category.

Hagen Renakers For Sale In My Ebay Store

Click on the Directory Link at the top of this page to see the complete listing of pages showing color pictures of more Hagen Renaker horses and animals. Lots of pieces are pictured including some very rare color variations and test colors that you won't see anywhere else. I've also included small sections on Renaker Brazel, Loza Electrica and the Maureen Love Estate, plus the newest section is on American Folk Art carved wooden horses produced by Grand Wood Carvings.

Various Hagen Renaker Dealer Signs

I think the various signs Hagen Renaker used over the years provides an interesting look back at company history. Hagen Renaker made two different sizes of signs or plaques as they call them. The large sized horse plaque is from the San Dimas Designers Workshop line. A matching DW San Marcos sign featuring the Mother Goose was also made, but isn't pictured. I don't believe a Disney Sign was ever produced, although a cardboard mock-up Disney sign was probably used for photography. The Mini Medley sign is for a company that distributed miniature music boxes. The pottery parts for these music boxes and this sign were made by Hagen Renaker. Two different dog music boxes, a cat music box and a chipmunk music box are pictured in mini animals. Plastic signs were also used on top of miniature display racks.

A Sample of the Incredible Artistry of Hagen Renaker

See the hundreds of pictures showing many variations in this On-Line Museum

DW Nataf and one of a Kind DW Modern Horse

Hawaiian Keikis & Rare Test Starfish

Disney Practical Pig Bank

Mini Seahorse on Coral

Little Horribles Toothy

Rare DW Banty Chickens

DW Impala

Monrovia DW Cape Buffalo

DW Seated Kitten

Click The Link Below To see My Hagen Renaker Want List

Hagen Renaker Want List

My name is Sheri and my husband is Ed and we are big animal lovers. We seriously collect Hagen Renaker. We have 4 boys, Robert(23), Eddie(21), Steven(19) and Tim(16). We run a Wildlife Rehab Center in Florida called Animal Rescue of West Pasco, plus we help run the local Humane Society. These 2 Animal Shelters and our HR addiction keep us pretty poor, but we love it so at least we're happy. We buy and sell animal figurines and other collectibles on Ebay. We use the money from Ebay to buy more HR's, plus we use it to help fund Animal Rescue of West Pasco and The Humane Society of Pasco County, Inc. We also volunteer for these two shelters at least 50 hours a week each. Our 2 children who still live at home volunteer everyday also. Our Ebay user ID is HR-Horsenut.

Email me at horsenut@gate.net in the meantime.

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