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South Australia Police Rangers

Unit #6 Holden Hill





* Accept responsibiliy

* Accept disipline

* Demonstrate willingness to learn

* Show personal integrity

* Make decisions on your own initiative

* Work as part of a team


Public Parades


If the answer is YES the South Australia Police Rangers is for you.

Check out our Training Program

[IMAGE]Challenging Activities

The Police Rangers are a uniformed group,and use similar ranks
as the Police department, the Rangers are a non-funded organisation.
The aims of the South Australia Police Rangers are to develop community
responsibilities, qualities of good citizenship, loyalty and enterprise.
To recognise individual interests and abilities, to give young people who
have interest in a Police career, an introduction to the structure and
operation of the South Australia Police.
Its all about fun, friendship, camps and social activities for male and
females between the ages of 13 - 18 years.



The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award...."presents to young people a
balanced,non-competitive programme of voluntary activities which
encourages personal growth,self reliance, perserverance, responsibility
and service to the community".

There are three (3) levels in the Award programme - Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Each level is made up of four (4) sections - Physical Recreation, Skill,
Service & Expedition.

You must be aged between 14 - 25 years. To gain an Award, you must
select an activity in each of the 4 sections...pursue it for the required
amount of time and show individual improvement and commitment.An
Assessor for each activity will verify your achievement.

Upon completion of your Award, you are presented with an international
recognised CERTIFICATE for showing commendable enterprise and effort.

Awardees will have INCREASED OPPORTUNITIES towards gaining
EMPLOYMENT as the Award programme is held in high repute by
teachers, businesses and employers alike.

Any level of Award will make an invaluable contribution to your



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1st Class Kate
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1st Class Melissa
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Ranger Katie
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Ranger Mark
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Ranger Allan
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Ranger Lisa





The Police Rangers hold parade on Friday nights between 1900hrs - 2200hrs.

Locations of South Australia Police Ranger Units are:

Holden Hill

Morphett Vale.


Port Adelaide.



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