Welcome to the Crossroads!

Everything you ever wanted to find regarding brain tumors! I've got links to everything! If you can't find it here, then I ain't found it yet. The purpose of this page is to be a one-stop shopping mall for info on brain tumors. There will be literally hundreds of links - all with abstracts so you don't waste time on wild URL chases.


Funny you should ask. My wonderful wife was battling a nasty little Grade IV Astrocytoma/Glioblastoma Multiforme. I spent too much time tracking down the information I needed to help my wife in this struggle. Minimizing stress and avoiding wasted time are very important for those of us in this position. This is my gift to you all. No thanks necessary, just use it and pass on the URL. What you will find here:

Links to everything. Really. The all-important clinical trials; lists of cancer centers and doctors; all the other cancer sites on the web; nutrition and health info; emotional support services, financial assistance, and caregiver info; books and faqs - you name it. All of this is cross-indexed and sorted into indices according to how you want to search. That means you will see some URL's repeatedly, so pay attention.

I wish you well.

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