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Funny Stuff
The following are some funny and some serious e-mails that have come across my Inbox over the years. The authors of these are not known.

Microsoft Cars
Kids Views on Love
Men and Women
Differences between Men & Women
Pick up Lines
More Marriage
The Story of Moishe
Women! Engineers vs other professions
What a Man Really Means
Seminars for Males and Females
Are You Feeling Old?
Heaven and Hell
Who Pays on a Date
Two Digits for a Date
Remember when?...
Pleasant Thoughts
Perfect (women read this)
Perfect (men read this)
History of the Math Problem
Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?
Men versus Women!
Holiday Stressed Diet
Drug Dealers & Software Developers
Bill and Hill
More Kid Wisdom
You and Your Computer
Fair Play
Computer Names
Attention Females
Baby Boomers
Growing Old
Why We're All So Damn Tired
Because I'm a Guy
Only In America
Y to K Problem
More Quotes
Proud Fathers
Forrest Gump and St. Peter
Who Wants to Marry an Engineer
Open Letter from Metallica
US Embassy Advisory
Employee Policies
Explain God
Presidential Debate
Santa Claus is a Woman

New Lyrics to Old Songs
Eleanor Rigby
Write in C

Deep Stuff
And Then What Will My Reward Be?
Life Struggles
A Lesson in Love
Life Stories
An Angel Wrote
Choose Your Leader
Slow Dance
The Tree and the Boy

Download Software
Name Version Date Description
Memorize .NET 1.00 2003/08/15 A game to test your memory skills (in C#, for .NET Framework 1.1)
Memorize 2.00 1999/05/27 A game to test your memory skills (in VB, for Win9x/../XP)
LS 1.03 1998/11/10 A Unix-style program to list directories (Win9x/../XP)
2T 1.01 1998/04/04 A text mode 2-player Tetris clone game (DOS/Win3.1/9x/../XP)
MsgBox 1.03 1995/01/25 A program to display a text-mode message box (DOS/Win 3.1/9x/../XP)
MortCalc 1.00 2004/03/18 A simple app to calculate mortgage payments (PocketPC 2002)

Memorize 1.00 (JavaScript)

The Tiramisu List
List of the Best Tiramisu

Interesting Sites
Secrets of the SAT

Columbus Avenue

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