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~Wellesley 4013

  Where am I?
By some twist of fate, you have arrived at ~Wellesley 4013. It is my personal homepage, a place to stash stuff that does not fit on any of my other sites. Since my web zine, Looking for it, has moved to it's own domain (*grin*) I felt that I needed a proper "homepage" with which to tie all my pages together. Below, you will find the listing pages located here at ~Wellesley 4013. Enjoy...

  Wellesley Community Leader
Well, the ever-growing Yahoo!, after buying up Geocities, as seen fit to unceremoniously dump the Community Leader program. Once a proud CL for the Wellesley/Garden 1600-1699 and 1700-1799 blocks, I now have no formal function. *sigh* On behalf of all former CL's, "It's Geo's loss."

  Art of the Bored
I've recently finished an information technology course at a private college. While I'm very glad I took this programme (I now have certifications up the perverbial wazoo) the first few months were a pain to endure if you already knew how to turn on a computer. You can check out how my friends and I amused ourselves in the large areas of black space we had during class time.

  Kairos '98
Kairos '98 is a fantastic youth and young adult conference that I attended in September 1998 in Naramata, British Columbia. To keep everyone from the conference connected (at least, those in cyberspace) I maintain a small site and message board for everyone to discuss issues and to just say HI.

Gotta love webrings; they get you around so easily. Here are the rings ~Wellesley 4013 is connected to.

  Other Sites
So she claims she has other sites, eh? Let's see if she's right...
Note: These are the sites that I own that are not located at ~ Wellesley 4013.

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