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    08/10/98-Feminism in Geographic Context
    When you step outside of the most powerful countries that support women's rights what consitutes a feminist identity can seem gray and nebulous.

    07/27/98-Sexual Hysteria or Sexual Misconduct?
    Recent news and opinion considers sexual harassment laws outdated. The laws are often cited as examples of government's stronghold on private affairs. Are sexual harassment laws extreme or necessary?

    07/13/98-Marriage Survey Results
    I asked you what marriage means to you and the survey results revealed a vast opinion from women and men of differing experience and age. Do you agree?

    Do you despise it or love it? Consider it a blessing or curse? An interactive quiz uncovers the secrets. What's your menstrual IQ?

    06/15/98-Marriage: Fantasy or Reality
    Is marriage an antiquated, economic arrangement, divine imperative or union of love? Survey results and essay reveal opinions.

    06/01/98-Lipstick Lesbianism
    Fad or reality? The Women's Issues survey reveals controversy and diverse opinion over the topic of what is a 'Lipstick Lesbian'.

    The Swans rock band has recently split but the strong female lead remains. Jarboe is more than a musical talent. She is a strong woman forging new territory in life and music.

    05/04/98-The Small Issues in Women's Issues
    The 'small issues' in women's issues, such as calling yourself Mrs. rather than Ms., for instance have great significance. But what are the pros and cons of noting specific behaviors of women? Does the small stuff really matter?

    04/06/98-Hypocrisy is a Feminist Virtue
    There are pro-life feminists and women who still change their name when married and consider themselves feminists. Are we all a bunch of hypocrites? Or is there some virtue to our hypocrisy?

    04/06/98-Censoring Pornography
    Is censorship the answer to the preponderance of sexualized and pornographic media images of women?

    03/23/98-Women's Web Software
    New tools for an enhanced, interactive web experience in women's issues. Generate wise words of women throughout history or choose an essay on women's issues to read according to your preferences.

    03/09/98-Plastic Surgery & Transsexualism
    The plastic surgery patient and transsexualism share common ground. Most would not conceive the two as bedfellows, yet the only difference, is a difference between socially mandated behavior and behavior deemed deviant.

    02/23/98-Marketing Oppression
    Modern media is the real oppressor of women today. It divides and conquers while we support its dubious messages of empowerment.

    02/09/98-The President's Little Man
    Why can't the President keep it in his pants? I propose it has more to do with social control of current mores than Bill's inclination for oral sex.

    01/26/98-Over Thirty
    Controlled by vanity and a fear of losing a false power, women stumble into the trap of fearing age, a fear that robs them of a broader persepective beyond the stigma.

    01/12/98-Women & Fear
    We live fearful lives and often blame circumstances without evaluating our own actions that shape our lives. We are not passive pawns; we do have autonomy.

    <1997 Topics>

    12/01/97-Flirting With The Enemy, Part I: Rod Van Mechelen is the publisher of the well-known male rights web site, The Backlash. In this segment of the interview, I address his views on domestic abuse while attempting to break him down with my seductive female ways. Unfortunately, it doesn't work.

    11/17/97-Women & the Erotic, Part III: Our interview concludes with discussion on female and male erotic tendancies and the influence of sex radicals.

    11/10/97-Women & the Erotic, Part II: Our interview of an erotic writer continues this week. Exploration into the public and private influences of the erotic as it is experienced is unsurfaced.

    11/03/97-Women & the Erotic, Part I: Thoughtful and eloquent, I thought who better to interview. She is a writer, mother, feminist, citizen of the UK and a frequent contributor to Usenet erotica sites. Insights into what informs the erotic and the romantic illusions of women is explored in this interview of a female erotica writer.

    10/27/97-Sexual Powerplays in the Public Sphere: A surge in 20-Something women are anti-feminist or ambivalent about women's rights. For many of them the negative connotations of being a feminist today causes them to avoid any association with women's rights. So how do some respond? They adorn themselves in heels and pretty dresses.

    10/20/97-20-Something's Sell Out of 70s Feminism: As hosts of the new technology events, younger women enjoy an interplay of the professional and unprofessional. Combining "babe" with women's infiltration into the technological arena is not disrespectful, it is merely playful to them. But it's insuling to others.

    10/13/97-Confessions of a Former Feminist: It is the socio-psychological bent of feminism that, as mystifying as it may seem, lends little perspective into their own "group consciousness". Not piping out the party line in unison rocks the feminist boat.

    10/06/97-The Promise Keepers The Promise Keeper's religious, conservative agenda has feminists in an uproar. Some claim the group promotes domestic abuse; others shake their head at the group's conservative Christian sensibilities and call it dangerous to women's rights. But is this really a women's issue?

    09/29/97-Brillo: An interview with the outspoken e-zine that explores women, feminism, and high technology issues. Links offered to some of Brillo's outstanding articles.

    09/22/97-Feminist Erotica: Today everyone seems to want to read about sex. It's safe that way and you don't have to worry about expectation or repercussions. There's male erotica and female erotica for all sexual persuasions and proclivities. Yet, what about 'Feminist Erotica'?

    09/15/97-Feminism in Fifties Corsets: Feminism is no longer a movement; it's a marketing tool. The hundreds of women's sites on the internet today attest to this fact. Feminism is a commodified product. It's the perfect product for consumer consumption. It's about sex. It's controversial.

    09/08/97-Matriarchal Motherhood vs. Patriarchal Motherhood as Witnessed in the Lives of Mother Teresa & Princess Diana: Both Mother Teresa and Princess Diana, broke away from patriarchal structures that define mothering and service within a context of power and history. They shifted toward the matriarchal mothering role that extends beyond the economics of the family unit. Or, read an essay on Princess Diana, a tribute and reflection of the feminine icon.

    09/01/97-How to Debate on Women's Issues Mailing Lists: Group Culture and Rules: Women's mailing lists are hotbeds of online debate and as a frequent contributor to a few of them, there are potential hazards in participating on them. Learn the group culture and basics of discussing women's issues online.

    08/25/97-In The Company Of Men: In The Company of Men is the new controversial movie about female and male relationships. Or is it? Actually, it's about a whole lot more than women and men. Sexual politics is only the playing field for the deeper issues that separate the sexes.

    08/18/97-Mind Or Body? With women's freedom to dress as they please, this liberty still breeds the familiar female form as an object of the male gaze, in media advertising and Hollywood, an industry that abides by the old marketing adage, "Sex sells." (Part 3: Women & Choices).

    08/11/97-Career or Family? Torn between a traditional model our mothers chose against the stark contrast of the independent career woman, indecision and conflicting messages tear many of us apart. (Part 2: Women & Choices)

    08/04/97-My Best Friend's Wedding: Julia Robert's new movie uses laughter to convey a double standard with interesting modern twists. Underneath its comic script, lies a dangerous message about women and choice (Part 1: Women & Choices).

    07/28/97-The Preppie Rape Case & Age-Old Family Ties: The victim, the perpetrator & his loyal girlfriend, the blind and steadfast family. The cast of characters remains the same with most well-publicized violent crimes by young men. What dynamics are involved in this age-old dynamic of family bonds, character and manhood?

    07/21/97-"Male" Order Brides: Russian Women For Barter: Catalogues for American men are becoming a growing industry in the face of greater equal rights for women. The women in the pages offer American men the wife of the past--obedient, quiet and pretty to look upon. Women in return get to leave the economic paucity of Russian life and live the American dream. Find out the contents of these catalogues, what they cater to and the possible repercussions of this thriving industry of the international bride trade.

    07/14/97-The Broken-Down Car: A Feminist Issue: I am woman hear me roar, yet I still can't fix my own car. My recent car's demise made this reality crystal clear--I'm not so independent after all. Can you identify? Read on . . .

    07/07/97-The Dating Life: Looking for love in all the wrong places? Let me help clarify and direct you into the issues of dating: the bitter, the sweet and the ho hum. Links for the love bound and already apathetic. Dating is a women's issue-we do enough bitching about it!

    06/16/97-Kick Butt Online: Lazy, tired or just plain busy but swear on your life you want to fight for equal rights (but you just don't have the time). Now you do. Check out this list of activist online resources and with a click of the button e-mail Congress, send a letter to an online magazine or find out the latest outrage against women. We do the gritty work; you provide the inspiration.

    06/09/97-Sexual Tradeoffs In Fight Towards Equality: Women's rights continues to be a bizarre struggle that never fully gains momentum or staying power, since the players involved disput over what is oppressive, what is power and foremost--how is equality to be won?

    06/02/97-Breast Implants Increase Your Chance For Sex: Women who choose to have breast implants have more sex and drink Jack Daniels. Great, where can I sign up? This month's dubious research on women and their naughty behaviors, that lead them down a jaded path of regret and improper behavior. Gasp!

    05/26/97-Sexual Harassment: Sexual harassment is a fact in the workforce today. Learn about it, how to deal with it and possibly prevent unwanted overtures at work or school.

    05/12/97 -Women in the Military: Women in the Military: An opinion & Survey.

    05/05/97 Stripping As A Profession: Survey results: What do you think about women in the stripping profession?

    04/28/97-Prostitute Turned Stripper: It's no longer politically correct to promote the AIDS infested culture of the prostitute. The film Pretty Woman is probably the last prominent movie that will portray such a character.

    04/21/97 -Smile: "I bet you have a pretty smile," is a phrase I'd like to eliminate from the English language. This comment from passersby are more than a little annoying and always in retrospect in need of a stern rebuttal. Something like "Go away," or "Mind your own business, little man," come to mind.

    04/14/97 -Modern Day Sirens: When I hear women in the music industry talk about their experiences they describe the scene in vague oppressive terms, shying away from any particulars. I always got the sense that the vagaries were too poisonous to be spoken and better left unsaid.

    04/07/97-Just Another Sad Song: A Tennessee judge abuses power and gets away with sexual assault, even though he was convicted. Apathetic? So am I.

    03/31/97 -Tits Are On Cows, Not Women: The use of the slang word "TITS" is increasing at an alarming rate and being incorporated into conversations outside of the locker room. Find out why!

    03/24/97-Intellectual Sexism: Sexism exists everywhere, even in the professed enlightened walls of academia. For years intellectuals have hid behind obtuse language as a means to express their unenlightened sexist views.

    03/17/97 -Women In Computer Science: The percentage of women earning bachelors degrees in computer science steadily decreased between 1984 to 1991 from 37% to less than 30%. Other statistics about women and computers.

    03/10/97 -Household Product Commercials: Women still find themselves in lower paying support positions more often than men. Commercials support this inequity with the message that women are in the world to assist, not lead.

    03/03/97-Cloning & The Demise of Men: It is now a possibility to clone human beings. Here's the catch--no sperm needed. Imagine the possibilities, women! Men will out live their usefulness and be forced to adapt in the Darwinian Catch-22 destiny has dealt them.

    02/24/97-Cheerleaders Who Kick Butt: They don't want to chant insipid cheers for brawny men. They have a mission much larger than a football field. This perky troupe of cheerleaders tackle social injustice across American soil.

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